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Who are we?


As wine enthusiasts, we intend to open the doors to all those who dream of participating in the creation of signature wines and discovering little unknown jewels by facilitating access to vineyards and wineries. We are your online wine shop and much, much more. Discover us.

We are committed to tradition and know-how, respecting every last detail in every phase of the winemaking process.



The process of making a wine combines art with precision, each denomination is unique, from the types of soil and climate to the people and traditions that work the land.

It is an art that consists of combining, experimenting and making adjustments to the different varieties. To do this we must try again and again until we achieve the balance and taste desired for a signature wine.

Do it yourself

We want to be your online wine shop, your partners in this amazing journey and taste together the excellence of a good wine..

We also offer you the possibility of acquiring one of our collections and with them, you will be able to see and taste our history and character, as if you only preferrer to customise each bottle with your label.


We are proud to be able to create the labels for our signature wine with your own designs.


By sponsoring a vineyard, you will be able to buy “in advance” and even customise your label.


Participate in the winemaking process form the beginning to the end, leaving your mark.

Try our wines

Our wines are unique, happy, with a traditional soul, made in our lands, with the involvement of the best winemakers; all this to achieve a signature wine, with its own name; a wine to share with your loved ones, in those unique moments where the sound of uncorking the bottle evokes a moment of happiness and joy.

With our “collections” you will enjoy exclusive editions of signature wines in limited production. Our wines are unique and special for people who love tradition and good work.

Comprar vino online - Pepa vino verdejo 2018

Verdejo wine “Pepa 2021”

Here I am!

My name is Pepa. I appear before everyone with a shout of joy, taking a breath of air before embarking on this new adventure in the world of wine. I am bold, brave, enthusiastic, enjoy of wine and life, impetuous but light, soft and elegant, friendly, kind, enveloping, full of freshness… vital!

Silvia García González – Oenologist
For our “Pepa 2021” collection we relied on Silvia García González, an oenologist in search of quality and uniqueness, with countless wines and awards on her tally

Juan Fernández-Cuesta – Oenologist consultant
Responsible for contributing complexity and balance to our wines.


“Lands of Medina, Verdejo grape. Notes of pear, stone fruits and white flowers with a final tropical touch with an elegant and soft nuance of its ageing in barrels. Freshness in the mouth, certain bitterness, constant citric remembrances and a minimum touch of sweetness that allows you to reach true balance. Exquisite white wine that with its powers touches the sky”.

Juan Fernández-Cuesta

Comprar vino online - Karimina vino rioja 2016

Rioja wine “Karimina 2016”

Here I am! My name is Karimina.

I am striking, cheerful and very interesting, I come from Rioja lands, from old Tempranillo and Grenache vineyards, I evoke aromas of forest strawberries and spices with a touch of roast.

Toni Meruelo – Oenologist
Winemaker with great experience whose special attention to high quality grapes and a careful and zoning elaboration according to the age of the vineyards, generates unique wines.

Juan Fernández-Cuesta – Oenologist consultant
Renowned wine critic, in charge of bringing complexity and balance to our wines.


“The evidence of red fruit together with a sustained, careful breeding that ends up converging with aromas that remind you of berries, spices and a touch of roast. In the mouth, almost all the elements are already assembled, you can find again that fruit that now shows its best side and lives tasty, intense and with a very long journey. A wonderful red wine to drink now, and even to keep if necessary”.
Juan Fernández-Cuesta

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